Our "1on1" consults are a must for anyone thinking about taking the leap into business or the startup world. During this one hour consult with one of our entrepreneurs in residence  you will be guided through some crucial methodologies that are custom to your needs. After this there are a few choices, either to a program that will help accelerate your business growth or to continue with 1on1 consults for a more individualised program.

All initial consults are offered at no charge with no strings attached. To help us help you, please contact us using the corresponding forms below.


Startup School is for the underdogs, the misfits and the vandals.

The 10-week program equips you, the change-makers of the future, with everything you need to drive change and make an impact. Through access to workshops; world-class mentors; and the extensive networks of the university and our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, you'll learn how to engineer situations, design experiences and build businesses.

Our unique experiment-driven approach creates clarity in the chaos that characterises the early stages of creative pursuits. We'll build relentless resourcefulness in absence of resources.



Got a awesome idea? Well its your chance to test them out at the Hanger's first WestHack for 2017.An IDEA is just an IDEA until you take ACTION to it, so what you waiting for come along and start something great!!!

Event information;

Westhack events take place twice per year. To secure your place at the next event or to register your interest please contact us below.


The VU Community Classroom is devoted to developing and empowering forward thinkers through access to higher education short courses in a easy and fun manner. We offer a variety of programs and services aimed at instilling positive changes into lives, communities Businesses or organisations...

Running in Yarraville, Victoria from Late May 2017 till July 2017.


Education is changing. 

It is no secret the sector has been grappling to remain relevant in an increasingly complex world. The rise of student debts, MOOC’s and graduate un(der)employment all contribute to a changing and increasingly competitive education landscape. 

And that is not even considering the impact that technologies like AI, AR/VR, cryptocurrencies and robotics are going to have on society. One thing is for certain, we need to properly equip the next generation to deal with the challenges and opportunities that will arise. 

But, what should we be educating the next generation for (and how do we do it)?

The VU Hanger is organising a 1 day hackathon to explore what the future of education looks like. If you work in education or are interested in the role of education in the future, this event can't be missed!

You'll join fellow progressive thinkers on a journey of experimentation and exploration, while making a tangible start shaping the future of education.


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