The Hanger is Victoria University's Startup Stimulator.  


Footscray, City, Yarraville


Melbourne, Victoria

The Hanger is the premier entrepreneurial space in the West of Melbourne. In the Hanger the evidence-based experimental approach of lean startup thinking meets the practical nature of business where salaries and bills need to get paid at the end of the month.



Victoria University is proud to host a diverse portfolio of creators and innovators. Heading up this network are our Entrepreneurs in Residence. Gus, Jordan, Hannah and Thomas have a diverse background and host multiple events through the years to connect, collaborate and give insights into the indusrty of disruption and business building.


100% industry specific 


anyone, any idea, any time.

The Hanger unlocks the state-of-the-art facilities and in-depth domain expertise of Victoria University for local innovators. Being part of the Hanger means access to office space, and the significant experience and networks of the Entrepreneurs in Residence. The Hanger is also home to world renowned creative studio Black Lake, with creatives from Black Lake offering up their services to residents of the Hanger.

The Hanger is open to everyone who is keen to address some of society’s biggest, hairiest and most audacious problems. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, academic, staff member, local business owner or if you have no ties to the university or the West. All we require is an inquisitive mind and the drive to talk to customers to identify and analyse their problems.


Advice from mentors, not teachers.
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