Think like a start up, act like a business.

Startups can get hung up on buzzwords and view investment as the ultimate validation of their business. We do not agree, validation needs to come from customers and is expressed in growth. At the same time small business often gets stuck in working in the business, they don’t have the capability to look at the bigger picture and think disruptive. With the Hanger’s unique approach, the disruptive thinking of a startup gets married with the practical nature of small business, for both startups and small business alike!


Small challenges, big outcomes.

The Hanger is all about tackling big, hairy and audacious problems. At the same time, we realise that we need to start small to truly have an impact on some of the biggest problems. Want to solve poverty, create world peace or feed the world? What about getting one person of the streets, solving one conflict or feeding one person. These small experiments will lay the foundation for world changing initiatives.



Open doors, Open minds.

The Hanger is supported by VU and has a focus on the west. The space and its services however, are available to everyone who wants to make an impact. The only thing we ask from you when you enter the space is to have an open mind and are willing to challenge some of the deepest rooted assumptions you might have.



Make it matter.


One of the first questions we often get asked is “What is in it for you?”. The answer to this question is simple but at times hard to convey. We care about people, we care about the west. Victoria University has been kind enough to provide us with the space and resources to help people take control over their own lives and at the same time uplift the fastest growing region in Australia. This is what matters to us and having this impact is all we need.