The Future of Education

Education is changing. The model is struggling to keep up with the speed of change and we wonder how we will prepare future generations to thrive in a world of Artificial Intelligence, Bots and 3D printed organs.

Did you ever consider that your kids need to learn how to live in Mars? It's very likely kids that today live in Melbourne will live in Mars in the next few decades.

Did you ever wonder why "education" is structured the way it is? In a classroom with same age kids in the same building from 9 to 3:30...does it have to?

One thing is for certain, we need to properly equip the next generation to deal with the challenges and opportunities that will arise even if we can only vaguely know what those will be. 

But, what should we be educating the next generation for (and how do we do it)?

The VU Hanger is organising an Edu Hack hackathon to explore what the future of education looks like. If you work in education or are interested in the role of education in the future, of you are a concerned parent that wants to have a go at thinking what the future may look like this event can't be missed!

You'll join fellow progressive thinkers on a journey of experimentation and exploration, while making a tangible start shaping the future of education.


Thu. 17 August 2017

9:00 am – 5:30 pm AEST

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Dream Factory

90 Maribyrnong Street

Footscray, VIC 3011

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